We see the current market is heavily distorted with an uneven level of supply significantly falling behind the demand: Pandemic affecting delivery services, change of manufacturing policies, and changing regulations in both domestic & international arenas, resulting in a hostile market environment. 

 We believe there’s only one solution to survive in the current market:
to empower and enable our partners’ competitiveness in our ecosystem. 

There are numerous intermediary agents, but only a handful can confidently ensure the clients’ convenience. 

As a distinct disruptor in the market, we pride ourselves with: 


Fulfill our clients’ needs by

utilizing our vast network linked to

various manufacturers and agents.

Cost Efficiency

Generated from our network,

innovative model enabling us

to offer the most competitive price.

Mileage System

We grant mileages which can directly affect your order sum. Take part in our growth, and earn your share. It's a win-win!

Ready to Work

Employees standing by 24/7, considering the time difference with our clients

Customized Storage

Upon clients reaching a certain volume, appoint containers at our warehouse and utilize them as “personal storage”

The above-mentioned are examples of what we can show. However, our true value lies within our information capability.

In the current market, there is nothing more important than up-to-date information. Needed items’ date of supply, when certain items will be discontinued, etc.; For business these days, the importance of these kinds of information is never underestimated.

However, rarely do agents disclose – instead, choose to take advantage for immediate interest.

We believe a successful business is generated by a win-win situation, none other.

 Our growth may not be rapid but is steady, together. 

Because of our service, clients that once choose to work with us tend to stick to their choice.

We take pride in that, and this motivates us to never rest until we prevail on top of this industry.